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Who are we?

Ika Lompe

Due to my experience and education I have specialist knowledge and skills to ensure professionalism for the services offered. From Key Account Manager, Project Manager, to Team Leader – my job has always been connected with the same line of business. Many years of work in large and rapidly acting companies has allowed me to develop a network of contacts with the best and most trusted contractors, who provide the highest quality of the products delivered by LK Project.

I graduated from Management and post-graduate studies in Finance and Accounting at the University of Gdańsk. In addition, I studied Marketing and Advertising as well in the Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, USA. International experience has given me the opportunity to not only broaden my knowledge, but also to improve skills in the areas of professional and technical language.

In addition to specialist knowledge associated with POS materials (technologies, concepts, efficiency); I also have competence in the field of sales techniques and negotiation, strategic analysis and advertising.

I appreciate professionalism, originality, complexity, and consequence - I want LK Project to offer all these qualities. Furthermore, I really love my work! (although it perhaps sounds schematic). It is my passion, so I am not in one place and I try to still develop self-regulatory skills, which allows my company to offer solutions adjusted to the customer expectations as much as possible.

My second passion is sport. As a young girl I practiced sailing and handball. I also love winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

Andrzej Kosewski

I am so-called "exact mind" - I appreciate concrete and effective solutions, which bring real benefits and allows the achieving of goals. In business, relationships with the people who desire to cooperate is the most important thing for me.

I graduated from Organisation and Management at the University of Gdańsk. My experience is in the industry of POS materials. For a long time, I worked in the international environment. My business partners were large corporations, such as McDonalds', KFC, Grohe and Franke.
The experience allowed me to develop the skills necessary for cooperation with foreign contractors. Knowledge of foreign languages: English, German and Russian is very helpful as well.

I have extensive technical knowledge related to development of POS materials. I also improve production methods based on Lean Management Process Optimization.

At work, for me it is important to be substantively, precisely, effectively prepared, reach the goals and be committed. Outside of work, my passion is for stained glass.